Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Services

We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing advocacy, awareness, and services for individuals with disabilities and their families throughout Memphis, TN. In order to fulfill our mission statement - Empowering people with disabilities to reach their full potential - we offer a variety of services. They include:

Personal Assistance Services:

Individual Respite Case and Direct Care Staff
We provide trained personal assistants and caregivers to work in the service recipient's home, allowing the family to experience a respite from that family member.

Weekend Retreats
We hold 10 recreational retreats throughout the year for our service recipients. The goal of these retreats is to build self-esteem and socialization skills which help our clients throughout the year.

Summer Camps
Every summer, we hold two week-long residential camps for our service recipients. This camp is tailored to provide everyone with a positive experience through activities, arts & crafts, sports, and visits from very special guests.

Advocacy Services:

FSSA (Families/School System Advocacy) Services
FSSA is for parents of children, ages 3-21, who need advocacy assistance to receive appropriate educational services from the local school system. The advocate helps parents understand their rights and assists them in resolving special education disputes or disagreements with the school systems.

Career Development and Job Placement

PAES Lab (Practical Assessment Exploration System)
A highly-structured cornerstone transition and life skills curriculum for the special education population that provides a comprehensive framework and set of tools for our staff to provide students with unparalleled hands-on educational experience.

Job Placement (Per the skills, abilities, and interests of the individual)
We are dedicated to finding jobs for individuals with disabilities through Memphis, TN. Along with placement, our service recipients are trained on appropriate interviewing techniques, appropriate work behavior, hygiene and grooming, and budgeting skills.

Job Coaching
We provide a job coach for each individual on an as-needed basis. The job coaches assist the service recipients on the job to develop the skills necessary to complete the job with excellence.

Life, Education, Training Skills
The Arc Mid-South Introduces New Life Skills Program, geared to increase confidence by providing an extensive curriculum, consisting of GED preparation, money management, sex education, homemaking, safety awareness, self determination, health & wellness, navigating benefits, housing, transportation, and the necessary tools designed to prepare individuals with disabilities to become independent in the community. 

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